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Sell with us

Sell with us

Raised by challenging experiences abroad practicing different methods, we’re able to offer you an answer to the current real estate model limits. A revolutionary approach to make your property unique, to highlight it and stand it out from the competition, and give it the full consideration of local and international buyers. This new approach generates interest, interest creates competition, and competition will ensure you to get the best possible price for your property.

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Convention Y

Convention Y

Convention Y was created to allow us rewarding you as introducing us with a vendor you know. It guarantees your part of the commission upon exchanged of the property. You’re also getting a follow-up during the sale as well as during your tax return. Amazing opportunity to develop your network and increase your sources of income!

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About us

About us

Yann Rogue Realty was born to change the process of selling and buying real estate because you don't need another real estate agency, you need something new. Our international experience has shaped the scope of our vision, and technology has allowed us to develop a network of local and international buyers aligned with our strategy. In conjunction with our recognized international partners, we allow our clients to reach buyers that they would not have been able to reach through a traditional channel. For the very first time history, cinematography and real estate come together to share with you a whole new experience that will make your property unique...




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Customer testimonials...

"Passionate agent, full of innovative ideas, as a real estate professional I am convinced that Yann has understood everything about modern times and its challenges! Go for it!"

Florian C. (Paris)

"Yann Rogue, positive and constructive, not only provides valuable advice (fine and objective analysis) but also brings serenity and even joy to an act far from trivial, not to say normally stressful, of selling your apartment ! Well done and thank you for your approach."

Laetitia D. (Paris)


"New and above all very effective sale strategy, a dynamic and cheerful personality... Yann is the most recommendable real estate agent in the area. Thank you for everything".

Damien B. (Levallois-Perret)

"Excellent, informed real estate agent, who listens to the needs of his clients and responds well to their requirements, even when these are difficult in the current market. An excellent negotiator as well. I highly recommend Yann Rogue Realty."

Francois-Olivier D. (Paris)

"A real person, available, attentive and above all who masters his subject. Always a pleasure !"

David B. (Paris)

"Yann is one of the most passionate agents I know. Added to his passion, a real strategy and vision on how to sell while being as aligned as possible with the interests of his vendor. Yann understood certain things that most of other agents have not yet discovered, such as the power of social networks and other marketing tools adapted to the sale of a property."

Gregoire P. (Aix-en-Provence)

"I contacted Mr. Yann Rogue on referral, we sold the apartment above the expected price with a very effective method. I do recommend."

Guillaume F. (Paris)

"Yann demonstrated much appreciated honesty and in-depth knowledge of the market (with a fine and nuanced speech on price formation). Hardworking, responsive and friendly."

Anne-Ying W. (Paris)

"Great experience with Yann who demonstrated responsiveness, availability and skills on my sales project. He's a hard worker, you can trust him!"

Matthieu LF. (Paris)

"Congrats to this eye-catching young entrepreneur who makes you want to support him! Call him."

Nicolas O. (Paris)

"Yann Rogue is a serious, dynamic and enterprising person. Able to successfully complete all the real estate projects he works on. All his contributions were very useful in my pied-a-terre project in Paris. I highly recommend him and I wants the best results from its clients."

Luis D.F.R (Madrid-Spain)

"Very professional and trustworthy real estate agency with an innovative approach. Super suggested as a seller if you want to get the best price on the market."

Stella A. (Florence - Italy)

"I have known Yann for a long time now. Believe me: he is passionate about real estate and will do everything to advise you and support you in the sale of your property, thanks to his great experience in the industry and an innovative strategy to put forward your property. So focus on youth and talent."

William P. (Nogent-sur-Marne)

"Excellent service in purchasing our Paris flat in the 16th! Yann is honest, very responsive, and a true professional. We were lucky to have him help us navigate through the French real estate, purchase process. His English is excellent, btw"

Rene C. (USA)

"I bought a flat in Paris with Yann and he was very helpful in sorting out the issues as i live in the US, and liaising with different parties to ensure a smooth process given the time difference, it wasn't an easy job !</br>
Thanks Yann, happy to work with ou again !".

Lawrence C. (Ventura/USA)

" Great service, Yann well above and beyond and got us a sale price in excess of our listing level. To say we are more than happy is an understatement and thanks to Yann and his team. "

Ajay P. (London)

"Yann Rogue is very professional, he doesn't count his hours and remains at the service of his clients. I highly recommend Yann Rogue Realty."

"A real estate agency like no other... Yann is incredible in terms of insight, innovation, and energy! I trust him with my eyes closed. Another huge thank you for your support, as well as for your eternal positivity, always at the service of the Customer and the Parisian High-End."

Andy S. (Aix-en-Provence)

"He works with all his heart. Efficient, serious, fast. The qualities of his work are rare. He's the best ! As soon as the opportunity arises I will call him!"

Hiromi B. (Paris)

"Yann is a dynamic and serious young man who follows his clients attentively. Rare qualities in his field of activity !".

Elodie S. (Paris)

"I highly recommend Yann Rogue, he is a very great professional, who has implemented an innovative concept, and successful for myself. Congratulations"

Helene P. (Paris)

"Yann is a very friendly and serious agent. His approach is interesting and innovative."

Nadiya M. (Paris)

“Efficient, resilient, professional, attentive… Long live his agency”

Charlotte B-VR. (Paris)


“Very good support, lots of psychology. I have good memories of it.”

Daniel G. (Paris)

"I wouldn't hesitate for a second to trust Yann and contact him if I had to buy or sell a property. He is professional, intelligent, kind, intuitive and understands the needs of his clients."

"Yann is not only friendly and pleasant but also very professional in his advice on the real estate market which he knows perfectly. I recommend his services."

Kris D. (Paris)

"Yann Rogue listens to customers and is proactive. Very good contact, dynamism in research and marketing methods as well as regular feedbacks. Thank you"

Chris F. (Paris)

"I advise you 1000% to call on Yann Rogue for his skills, his advice, his welcome, his seriousness and his responsiveness! I have dealt with Yann and can only recommend him, there are few professionals like him! Thanks again Yann".

Ingrid D. (Chantilly)

"An effective approach"

Franck C. (La Rochelle)

"Yann is very competent in his advice and support with a real mastery of the market. The sale of my apartment took place in comfort and at the price I wanted. I highly recommend it"

Vincent L. (Paris)

"Professional, rigorous, caring and always in a good mood, Mr. ROGUE provided very good advice for my real estate acquisition. I highly recommend him."

Albert D. (Paris)

“Excellent agent for visiting an apartment, I very much appreciated his expertise, and for guiding me with my choices.”

Alexandre Z. (Canada)

“He is very attentive and has good ideas and knowledge. Able and efficient !”

Mona T. (Paris)

"A precious partner with excellent knowledge of the real estate market. Do not hesitate to entrust him with your project."

Mickael P. (Le Mans)

"I would like to express my gratitude to Yann, an exceptional real estate agent who transformed our house search into an incredibly pleasant and efficient experience. From our first meeting, Yann showed impressive professionalism and in-depth knowledge of the local market, which immediately made us confident. He listened carefully to our needs and always showed us properties that met our criterias. He was a true partner in our search process, always available to answer our questions and guide us every step of the way. We would definitely recommend Yann to anyone looking to buy or sell a property. Thanks for everything, Yann!"

Elisa R. (Paris)

“Excellent real estate agent who knows how to evaluate and sell at the right price.”

Denis N. (Paris)

“Serious, voluntary, dynamic and available agent”.

Remi B. (Paris)

"Very professional. I recommend".

Josephine G. (Paris)

"Clear and disruptive".

Marc D. (Paris)

“I highly recommend MR Rogue for their responsiveness and professionalism 5/5!!”.

Simon C. (Enghien-les-Bains)

"Efficient, professional and dynamic."

Gerald A. (Paris)


“Very good experience with Yann who is confident in his field!”.

Gerald A. (Paris)

"Very good real estate agency, serious and attentive."

Jennifer J. (USA)

"My first purchase made with Yann Rogue Realty and it was a success! Listening agents who were able to work hard for my real estate project! A big thank you to the whole team."

Jeremy G. (Paris)

"Very friendly, available and efficient. Thank you very much Yann."

Jacqueline N. (Clamart)

"Positive energy. Very dynamic".

Nathalie L. (Paris)

"A place where an excellent advisor advised me, accompanied me, in the name of Yann Rogue. I highly recommend it"

Christelle L. (Paris)

“Mr Rogue is a serious and very dynamic professional.”

Anne M. (Suresnes)

“I enjoyed all our discussions with Yann! A true real estate professional like few others these days! I recommend!”.

Martin M. (Saint-Maur-des-Fosses)

“Very attentive and very professional agent. I recommend!”.

Alexandre E. (Paris)

"Yann was a trusted advisor for us! He will not promise you the moon unlike others, however he will give you the fair market price for your property ! In addition, he was by our side until the signature !"

Pierre C. (Paris)

"I really appreciated Yann's dynamic and even more so his Anglo-Saxon and disrupting method (for the French market) which creates a real emulsion around the properties he represents. I strongly encourage you to trust him."

Stephane D.R (Paris)

"I highly recommend the skills of Yann ROGUE Realty, dynamism, energy, sympathy and professionalism. Above all, start the conversation, don't go with your certainties, you will be surprised !!"

Yann G. (Clamart)

"Thank you to Yann for his permanent availability, his valuable advice, his great professionalism and his monitoring and support from the start to the end of our project which helped us to finalize the sale of our apartment. Bravo Yann for this new original and very innovative concept which makes it a new approach to real estate sales. We highly recommend!"

Euramin T. (Paris)

“Very good quality partnership with Yann Rogue for several years. I highly recommend his real estate agency.”

Patrick M. (Paris)

"It's a very innovative approach !"

Joseph K. (Paris)

"I sold my apartment in Paris, Yann took care of this sale. I met someone who was very professional, available, attentive and gave me good advice."

Olivier R. (Paris)

"I can only recommend Yann if you are looking to buy or sell real estate. Yann is very available and was able to put me at ease throughout my purchasing process."

Enguerrand S. (Paris)

" I purchased a property from Mr Rogue and i was absolutely delighted with his service. He made the process very easy, understood very clearly what i wanted and his enthusiasm to helping me solve my problem was delightful. His efficiency impressed me most, by showing me potential properties that all impressed and had aspects i was looking for. Aside from his skills in the property world he is also a genuine, kind hearted human being. Thank you mr Rogue ! " 

Isaac B. (London)

" I met Yann when i was looking to sell my 4 bedroom flat in the London suburbs. Professional and friendly at the same time, he managed to arrange 11 viewings in 6 days and after another handful of days, he received 3 offers above market price from potential buyers. All in all, extremely happy with the service provide by Yann Rogue. "

Jonathan P (London)

“We bought an apartment with Yann during the Coronavirus period, he was just fantastic ! Always available and with good advice, he helped us a lot in this difficult time. Thank you Yann!”

Penelope D.C.T (Paris)

“Fortunately we had contact with YRR and Yann, who immediately understood what we wanted and took everything in hand to sell our house in Normandy. As we are retired, we didn't really know how to manage the ads, the networks, the local agencies, it took us time, and we were discouraged. In addition, we had to sell in order to quickly settle in Brittany (bringing together family and friends) Yann convinced us with his efficient strategy, taking care of everything from A to Z. He is very personable, dynamic, experienced and responsive, even on weekends and he found us the best buyer after 3 viewings and everything went easily, and we are very grateful for that. Yann and YRR are to be recommended. "

Catherine C. (Normandy)